Europe or Bust I June 10, 2011

by Jay 6/10/11

It’s 4:00 in the afternoon at Chicago O’Hare and we are on our way.   I have to apologize to my family for torturing them for the last few months.  I have been obsessed with these wooden bicycles, and to the point that I, ever since the fall, decided it would be a grand idea to build these wooden bikes for our trip to Europe.  Most people thought I was crazy, and this is probably a true statement. I have a history of doing these crazy things, like finishing my touring bike the day before Jack and I left for our cross-country tour.  In 2005 we decided to take a canoe trip to the Boundary Waters, but instead of renting canoes we decided to build them. Rather, I decided to build them.  It’s not a pretty history and I’m a little frustrated with myself for pushing so hard.  I’ve had one hour of sleep since Wednesday, and the rest of the family is not too far behind. Our fleet consists of four single bikes and one tandem. The tandem bike is designed so that Benjamin will ride in the front and I will steer from the rear. It has a wooden frame as well. It has never turned a wheel, never been tested.  The suspense is killing me.


One response to “Europe or Bust I June 10, 2011

  1. I just watched “Wooden Bike Creation”, a photo story by Scott Huck on YouTube. A BEAUTIFUL documentation of Jay’s creative process with the bikes. After reading Jay’s posting last night, then watching this video, and thinking about him going through this process 5 times over, maybe his sanity should be in question….but in a good way! As his sister I’ve seen him go though these obsessions most of his life. This one tops them ALL, but a striking way to mark his 50th year on earth. Love you crazy brother of mine!!!

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