Europe or Bust II June 11

by Jay 6/11/11

Our flights were on schedule.  We had the red-eye flight over the Atlantic.  We crossed the sun as we came over, so it was a very short night. I tried to sleep but was not very successful.  We were met at the airport in Frankfurt by one of my former students, Ryan Zeiset.  He was waiting for us with a big cart for our baggage.  We collected all twelve of our loaded bags/suitcases, six of which held bicycles, and proceeded to load them into Ryan’s pickup truck.   He drove the bags to the hostel for us; of course, there wasn’t room for us, as well as the bags, so we took a taxi.  It was about a 38 euro trip which, at this point, we don’t really know if that is good, bad or indifferent.   We actually beat Ryan back to the hostel. After Ryan arrived, the first order of business was to unpack the bikes and the duffels so that he could take those and store them for us during our trip. The very first bike I unpacked was a casualty. It had a broken seat stay. Not a show stopper, but a bit annoying. This lead to a bit of anxiety as to how the rest of the bikes fared.  Fortunately, that was the only injury other than several scratches, which is to be expected. Even my touring bike arrived in Ireland with a big scratch and dent in it.  It just happens and you have to live with it.  After unpacking, we took Ryan out to dinner.  He gave us a bit of a debriefing of what he has learned in his nine months here in Germany.  We went to a pizza joint which doesn’t sound very German, but that’s what we were in the mood for.  Back at the hostel, we absolutely crashed; went to bed about nine o’clock.


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