Europe or Bust III June 12, 13

by Jay  6/12/11– 6/13/11

We woke up at 10:20 in the morning.  That is probably a new record for me for sleeping.  I felt like I was in a coma.  Consequently we missed breakfast here at the hostel.  So we hiked into town, and found a nice coffee shop with delicious omelets.  The menu was a bit of a challenge, and the waitress spoke very limited English, but we got through it and had a good time.  We spent the balance of the day finishing up the bikes, installing the racks, bike computers, etc. The good news of the day for me is that the tandem is a winner!  It seems to ride just fine, handling very much like my tandem at home.  Nothing was broken.  One set back though was we forgot to bring handlebars for Benjamin.  I’ve got the stem for the handlebars, but not the handlebars.  He rides it that way and seems to like it.  He says he feels like he’s flying a jet! Never-the-less we will have to get some handlebars.  Ben is the master friend-maker.  He’s met a bunch of little German friends; they’re African-German I guess you would say. They appear to be a part of some type of church group here on retreat.  There are a lot of little kids his age, and they just babble back and forth with each other.  They seem to be catching on even though their languages aren’t the same.  They have been getting into water fights, and he has been a mess, which is his preferred state of being.

The hostel here is very nice. We are so blessed to have a place like this.  It has a nice secured court-yard that I have been using to build up the bikes.  The rooms are comfortable.  At approximately 400 beds, this hostel is rather big.  It has the famous hostel flavor: very international, great fun, and a unique place to be.

It is now the 13th of June. We stayed another day in Frankfurt for one practical reason:  today is what they call a bank holiday.  All the shops are closed so there is no way to get to a bike shop to get handle bars for Ben.  Truthfully, we are not ready to embark yet anyway.  We’re still recovering from our frenzy.  We pedaled to McDonald’s in the center of Frankfurt on the pedestrian square hoping to find Wi-Fi, which that is one disappointment we have had since we have been here.  It seems Wi-Fi isn’t so readily available as we as we were led to believe from things we read.  If it is available you have to pay for it, so we will see how the rest of the trip plays out.  That is bit of bad news.  Seems like Frankfurt would have it just about anywhere, but that is not the case.  Today we will spend another day organizing. Tomorrow we’re hoping to take a train to the Rhine River valley, and begin pedaling.


2 responses to “Europe or Bust III June 12, 13

  1. Germany seems to be the worst for McDonalds wifi. I’m catching up late on your trip, so you’ve probably figured a lot more of this out, but Germany was the worst (i think because of a t mobile partnership w mcd but if I remember correctly, England, France, Netherlands,Belgium, and Austria had free mcd wifi and Italy was hit or miss. I’m catching up on the blog right now, excited to keep reading. Best wishes!

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