Always wear your helmet. June 14

by Ella  6/14/11

Today was eventful.  We woke up around 7 o’clock, ate, finished packing, and headed to the train station.  After watching Mom stress all morning about the train changes, the entire ordeal did prove more than simple.  No, we did not lose a child!  However, at the first station, we ran and jammed ourselves and our bikes into a first class car, much to the chagrin of the first class passengers.  Mom had her helmet on the entire time…literally!  At the second station the people were much nicer, but the train was labeled incorrectly.  So we would have missed it if Ma hadn’t asked someone.  After we got off the train, we pedaled along the Rhine River.  BEAUTIFUL!  We rode 22.5 miles, and loved every minute of it.  Even the muddy jungle trail we accidentally went on was interesting.  Upon arriving in Koblenz, we found an ice cream shop – bike fuel!   Through conversation with the workers, we discovered that the camp site we were planning on staying at no longer exists.  The hotel was full, the hostel was full, and it is illegal to randomly pitch a tent in Germany.  Time to pray!  After much brainstorming with the helpful workers, the owner offered for us to put our bikes in a storage room under her apartment, and for us to sleep above her apartment in her extra room.  What an incredible answer to prayer!  Once again I am amazed by God’s grace.  Thank you Jesus!



One response to “Always wear your helmet. June 14

  1. Andrea probably thought she looked better in her helmet than with “helmet hair.” It is so good for your children to see how God is providing for you on this journey. I am praying for you all.

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