CRASH–Editor’s update

Just received notice that Ella had an accident, Wednesday (if I figured things correctly).  She lost control of her bike and crashed, breaking her right arm, close to the elbow and her left hand.  She has had surgery. The German health care system is very good Jay said.  They are keeping her in the hospital for perhaps 5 days.  Ella is keen on continuing via renting a tandem and riding on the back with Andrea.  Hard to ride with two casts.

Jay asked me to post this information to this blog.  He said, “God has been good…lots of blessings in this incident.”  Also he asked us all to join with them in prayer about what to do next and for Ella’s recovery.

On a MUCH brighter note Scott Huck informed us that Cedarville University is doing a story on the Kinsinger adventure.  Check out the link I attached.  The radio station, KLove, is featuring the story today (Friday the 17th) as part of a Father’s Day feature.  Scott suggested checking the radio station’s web-site for more information about the broadcast or posting.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support,



4 responses to “CRASH–Editor’s update

  1. Oh my, sounds like you all have had quite the adventure already! We will be praying for Ella! Logan misses Ben terribly, and wants to call him, it is hard for him to understand why he can’t right now. He is working on a letter for Ben, and in the possiblilty that you know where you will be staying ahead of time, give us your address as Logan has a gift for Ben to!

  2. Love your Blog! So sorry we didn’t touch base with you about the trip to Seattle. If you want to leave instructions you can send to We will be talking with Brian soon and start to get “ramped up” for the trip. Praying for Ella!

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