Sarah’s take on things, Thursday 6/16

Today was very crazy.  We are staying at Ella’s doctor’s house in our tents.  So in the morning we left and headed to the hospital to see Ella.   She wasn’t lookin’ too hot!  We talked for a little bit, but then my Mom sent me, Dad and Benjamin on a little run.  We had to find a bank to get this STUPID phone to work, which we have been trying to get it to work this entire time, and lastly to find an internet cafe’.   This to be able to contact people about Ella’s crash.  We had to stop at four different places to get that phone to work.  Then Ben and Dad went to the bank while I stayed by the bikes.  Then we went to McDonald’s to try to get an internet connection.  After a VERY frustrating half an hour of some lady speaking in German and a little bit of English saying that we needed a “hendy”.  We later found out that a “hendy” is a phone number.  We decided to ditch the internet and go back, but that was no easy task.  We got really lost and it took 45 minutes to get to the hospital.  The detour contained a creepy little alley way, and some God forsaken road that rattled our teeth.  They were mostly all hand laid cobblestone streets, in very poor condition, but we finally made it back to the hospital to find a distraught mother and sister. 


2 responses to “Sarah’s take on things, Thursday 6/16

  1. …and you call ME dramatic? I believe you have things backwards, m’dear. 😉 haha I was laughing out loud while reading this.

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