Throughly spent, Friday 6/17

Yesterday, and obviously the day before, have been extremely stressful.  Just dealing with the emergency, and all the adrenalin, we’re just throughly spent emotionally.  It is very hard because we can’t be together, Andrea and I, to recharge, and encourage each other.  We kind of have to be independent, and deal with things with separate parts of the family.  Obviously Ella is requiring Andrea’s full-time care.  I’m taking care of the rest of the kids.  It has been very, very difficult.  My emotions have been swinging the pendulum.  Being extremely grateful that Ella wasn’t hurt more severely, and that she is going to be OK.  Things are going to get better, and that is such a HUGE blessing.   But honestly there is a lot of disappointment too.  Knowing that something we’ve worked so hard on for so many years (ten years of planning, organizing, building, and saving) maybe dashed is probably a little extreme, but really it is severely disrupted with just a momentary accident.  So the tendency is to try to find comfort.  The ideas running through my head today have been mostly to bail.  Just go home and call this one a wash, go some place nice, quiet, and tranquil where things are normal.  Perhaps to the lake and just chill for a while.  Where we can get back, heal, and so forth.  Both emotionally and physically.  Well we’ve got a rail pass that we can use, and we are here.  Not exactly the way I wanted to see Europe, but it could work.  Most people see Europe that way.  The thing I don’t like about that is you don’t really experience the culture, and the people.  It’s a kin to going to the United States and going to L.A., or Chicago, or New York City, or Miami, and saying, “I’ve seen America”.  Where in fact that’s a very, very poor representation of America.  So by taking the train from big city to big city that is the kind of  impression we’ll get.  That is why I love the cycling approach, because we are touching shoulders, meeting people, and experiencing the culture.  Anyway too early to make those kinds of decisions.  The foremost thing is to get Ella up and going. 

This afternoon Benjamin and I, well I should say just I, needed some blow off time.  So he and I took off on a ride down the Mosel.  We went to the first two towns past Kolblenz  down the river.   Just beautiful!  Picturesque stereotypical little German towns.  With the beer gardens, wineries, the beautifully kept homes, and the history.  There happened to be an antique tractor show going on at one of the towns.  Something that always floats my boat.  So we recharged our batteries, and this gave me sometime to have a reality check.  Got back to Kolblenz with a much better attitude.

The Jarmuschs have continued to blow us away with their kindness, and hospitality.  Barbara uses her position as a physician at the hospital to pull some strings that gives us special attention that probably wouldn’t be given to others.   They have been feeding us, and our tent is still in their yard probably killing their grass, but they don’t seem to care.  Their girls, Stephanie 16 and Caroline 19, are one year apart from our girls.  They seemed to have really clicked with our girls as well.  In fact Caroline independently came to the hospital to visit Ella today.  Which was very nice.  It is funny because she didn’t know Ella’s last name, what room she was in, or even what floor she was on.  She just walked up to the information desk and said something about the Americans with the wooden bikes.  “Oh ya, ya!!  She is in room 6030”, was the reply.  We’ve made quite an impression on that hospital.  Everybody seems to know us.  We’re not like most of the Americans they see.  Most are tourists that have come to ride the riverboats up and down the Mosel, and the Rhine.  They are usually retired, over weight, under exercised and the last thing you would see them doing is riding a bicycle.  That’s the entry for today.


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