Regrouping and reconfiguring, Saturday 6/18

I’m experiencing “deja-vu all over again”.  It was 22 years ago when I was cycle touring Europe with my brother that he had an accident.  His wasn’t nearly as bad as Ella’s.  He just had significant road rash, but he was not able to pedal.  So we decided to  take advantage of the time, and go to Berlin.  Which we would not have done normally, but it allowed him to recover, and gave us something to do while we waited for him to feel better.  Well it looks like we are going to be doing the same thing with Ella.  We’re going to take a train into Berlin, and spend about 3 or 4 days there.  Hopefully by the time we return back to Kolblenz she will be ready to pedal.  Now this is an interesting conundrum on how she can pedal here.  I was thinking about, even spent sometime looking on-line for, a tandem bicycle that we could rent or buy.  Wasn’t really too successful, the language barrier being a big deal.  So we thought about maybe putting Ben on Ella’s bike, riding it as a single.   As I studied the tandem that I made for Ben I kept scratching my head thinking about the ways I could turn that into something acceptable for Ella to use.  Things like taking the pedals off in the front and making a chair for her, but she wouldn’t be able to pedal.  She would at least be able to ride along.   Just wasn’t really clicking.  Then finally I realized, I think I was inspired, that it isn’t all that hard!  All I would have to do is change the drag link which connects the rear stirring to the front wheel.  Just take that drag link off, move my seat to the front, and put a seat in the back where I normally would ride.  Then it becomes a pretty ordinary, normal tandem.  So I did it.  I switched it up a little bit, took Sarah for a ride on it, and it rides just great!  No problem.  So if Ella is up to pedaling when we get back from Berlin I think we will continue on our journey.  A lot slower because of a couple of things, mainly Ella’s injury, but Benjamin will now be on a single, but who cares!  We’re still accomplishing our goal, and looking forward to seeing if that works out, but trying not to get too hopeful either incase it doesn’t.


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