God is good! Ella’s turn, 6/19

After spending 4 days in the hospital I’ve been freed!!  Normally the doctors in Germany like to keep the patients 5 days, but I convinced them to let me out early.  I would like to thank everyone for the prayers.  Since my bike accident I have witnessed a number of blessings and miracles.  First when I had my accident I landed on the biking section of the road instead of into ongoing traffic.  Secondly the EMT, nurses, and doctors were extremely helpful, spoke good amounts of English, and had great medical knowledge and skills.  Thirdly my family met the Jarmusches, who opened their house to us when we had nowhere else to go.  And finally, well not really finally, but the last blessing I will mention, my Mom, Dad and siblings have been so patient, caring, and supportive for me.  Even though I went and wrecked my bike, wrecking their vacation, they have lovingly helped me–brushing my teeth, washing my hair, feeding me, and caring for all of my daily needs.  They have helped me laugh and also let me cry.  Some may think we are crazy, but I think my family is the best.

From my accident I ended up with a broken right elbow, a broken left hand, and serious road rash on my right knee and hip.  My face, head and neck had no significant damage.  Praise the lord!  The surgeon put a wire and 2 pins in my elbow, so tomorrow I can take that cast off, but not the left hand one, and begin physical therapy.  The thought of my cast leaving scares me, but hopefully with it gone I can resume pedaling.  Sadly I’m not supposed to weight bear, or hyper extend, or over bend my right arm past 100 degrees for 6 to 8 weeks.  Just in time to leave Europe.  I know because of my medical condition the thought of resuming biking this summer sounds unrealistic.  I guess we are going to just take things one day at a time, and trust that the Lord is watching over us, and has everything under control.  Perhaps I will never know why He allowed this to happen to me, perhaps I don’t need to know.  All I know is that God is good all the time.   All the time God is good.


One response to “God is good! Ella’s turn, 6/19

  1. Sorry that this happened to you and your family but we know there is a reason for everything. Melanie can relate and you can share stories when you return. She has become very ill in Hong Kong and has to come home 2 weeks early. I am praying for your whole family and especially you. It sounds like you have a great attitude. Miss you and your family.
    Mandi aka Mrs. Hanson

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