Check point Charlie revisited, Wednesday 6/22

It has been 22 years since I’ve been to Berlin, and it was a very different place back then.  With Berlin divided East and West, with the East side being communist.  Jack and I did tour the communist side, and it was very depressing to say the least.  It is a very different picture now.  As a matter of fact we are staying in a flat on the East side and it is beautiful.  It is generally considered that the East side of Germany is prettier than the West side, because after Berlin was bombed during World War II the West side simply pushed everything down and built new.  The East side for economic reasons just tried to kind of patch things together.  Consequently the architecture and so forth on the East side is classic, with more detail.  When Jack and I were here it was pretty much void of color.  That’s quite different now, all the buildings are brightly painted and it is a very exciting place.  So it has been fun.  When Jack and I went through check point Charlie, 22 years ago, it was very intimidating.  Kind of a scary experience, now it is almost a joke.  They have it set up, with about 3 or 4 mock soldiers to take pictures.  Very, very different.

Ella’s recovering nicely.  We walked around the town quite a bit yesterday, I’ll bet we logged close to 4 or 5 miles.  She is still gimping, and we have fun teasing her, but she is doing better everyday.


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