Great connections with friends in Berlin, Friday 6/24


Manfred and Vera Pusch with the family

The cyclist here in Berlin have serious Chuck Norris skills.  They are crazy!  They cycle very fast, often with no hands on the handle bars, talking on a cell phone, through heavy traffic, no helmets, in the night, and no lights.  Just amazes me, and there are cyclist everywhere!   A very bicycle friendly city, and they highly encourage cycling here.  Had a delightful evening with Manfred and Vera Pusch.  Manfred has lived in Berlin for 80 years.  He has been a witness to so many different things.  Including the bombings during World War II, communism over taking, and the Berlin wall coming down.  It is very fun to talk to him, he is very sharp, has a great sense of humor, and  loves to be a teacher.  Have really enjoyed our time with Manfred and Vera.  We had dinner last night with the Bowes family.   They are missionaries that we support from our church.  They live in what used to be East Berlin.  Aaron, the father, is a church planter, and I had their oldest daughter, Hannah, as a student at Cedarville.  Really had a nice time with them.  Anna, the mother, is German so it was a really neat time.  We are really getting a good taste of the culture of Berlin. 


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