Jay’s version of the trip to Paris, Sunday 6/26

Had a really fun shower this morning.  We took the night train from Berlin to Paris, and I wasn’t able to sleep very well.  So I got up early, and just for grins, decided to try to take a shower on the train.  It’s like taking a shower in a two-dimensional roller-coaster with blinders on.   Try to hold on, shower, and work the controls all at the same time.  It was quite a challenge, and a lot of fun!  The beds on this train are rather on the hard side.  A month or two before we left, Andrea and I bought a “Sleep Number” bed where the numbers are based on the PSI, pounds per square inch, of how firm you want your bed.  My number is 45, and Andrea’s is 40.  Millie, our dog, loves to hop up on our bed and assume the “Andrew Wyeth painting” position.  So we kid around and say that she is an 85 number.  The beds on the train would have to be in the thousand range, in fact you would have to use a different scale.  Probably the scale that is used to measure the hardness of steel, a Rockwell C of around 50 probably.  Anyway it was a good use of our time, we slept through the 14 hour trip, and kind of fun.  We had one little episode toward the end of the evening where Benjamin dumped a whole cup of coffee into his lap, and on to the bed which was eventually going to be mine.  That is how it goes when you are travelling with an eight year old.  We arrived on Sunday, and the tourist information place was closed on Sunday.  So it was a little bit of a challenge to figure out where the hostel was.  We ended up taking two taxis. 

Ella has been quite a trooper, I appreciate her attitude.  She maintains a good spirit despite the discomfort she must be feeling.  I’m sure sleeping on a train with two broken arms wasn’t a picnic, but she didn’t complain.   She seems to really want to be here.  Andrea and I oscillate.  Sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel and going home, and sometimes she feels like throwing in the towel and going home.  Fortunately we never feel that way at the same time.  So here we are!  Ella consistently wants to be here and that is what keeps us going.


2 responses to “Jay’s version of the trip to Paris, Sunday 6/26

  1. Rockwell C of 50!! Love it. Katie and I have been praying for you all, sad to hear about Anna’s fall, but amazed at how your clan keeps trucking along. I keep asking Jeff when you all will be down to Knoxville again so we can spend some time together.

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