Editor’s note—spell check!

“You say pedal, I say peddle . . . “, well no not really.  It was pointed out to me today that I have been typing the wrong kind of pedaling throughout the entire blog (I’ve fixed it by the way).  How funny is that!!!  I told Jay I could type, but he knows I can’t spell.  When Ella was showing me how to post on this blog before they left, she said, “Oh Aunt Becky don’t worry there is spell check”.  Well this situation proves 2 things; spell check can’t read your mind, and I’m the Kinsinger sibling that is not a cyclist.  So I’m sure you all will join me in looking forward to learning that Ella will be able to PEDAL again, and not be “going from place to place selling small articles”.  Webster’s definition of PEDDLE.


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