Off to Paris, 6/24, 6/27

Ella told me that they have not been able to record diaries for a few days.  So she asked me to post the updates that Andrea put on her Facebook page.  More details to come when available.  -Becky

Friday 6/24    After much finagling we finally have a plan for housing the next three nights – a night train on Saturday to Paris, and reservations for 2 nights at the Le d’Artagnan Hostel.  After that, we’re back to praying.  Fun afternoon today shopping in Berlin (girls only!), an amazing lunch in a sidewalk bistro, and a shopping break at Starbucks 🙂

Monday 6/27   Ninety seven degrees in Paris, and water is never free!!  But Notre Dame was!!  We’re off to creperie in the Latin Quarter, several more sights, then to the Louvre.  Plan to go up the Eiffel Tower at twilight.  It’s all good.  But have to pull Ella’s stitches out tonight…..Ewww.

An update; they will now be able to stay at the youth hostel the entire week.




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