Sight seeing in Paris, 6/27

Berlin in general was beautiful, clean, historical, artsy, and friendly.  I am grateful for the time that I had to recover there.  Now we’re in Paris!  We took the city night line to get here.  Thankfully we paid extra euros to get a cabin with beds.  The trip took a total of 14 hours, and we slept through most of it.  Seeing the countryside would have been nice, but sleeping was necessary and refreshing.  Yesterday, our first day in France, we grabbed some pastries at the train station, and took 2 taxis to the hostel.  After checking into Le d’Artagnan, we headed downstairs and ran into a mass garage sale.  IN Paris!!  What a find!  We bought just a couple small things keeping weight and our panier sizes in mind.  That day we also, finally, did laundry.  My 2 shorts and 3 shirts hadn’t seen a washing machine in 8 days.  Ewwww!!!!!  Anyway, today was very busy, and interesting.  We went into the beautiful Notre Dame cathedral, and admired the incredible architecture of the building.  I was slightly disappointed that I couldn’t go into the bell tower.  Especially after all the Quasimodo jokes my Dad had directed at me over the last week, because of my limp and awkward lack of arm swing.  Next we ate delicious french crepes, in the Latin quarter.  Finally a taste of French cooking!  The food at the hostel isn’t very good.  After lunch we dipped our feet in St. Michel fountain, a refreshing relief from the hot weather.  France is surprisingly warmer than Germany.  Next we went into Sainte Chapelle.  A breath-taking sanctuary of stained glass, built for King Louis IX, to hold Jesus’ crown of thorns. 

Inside Sainte Chapelle

Afterwards we toured the Conciegerie.  The prison famous for housing 2,780 deaths by the guillotine, including Marie Antoinette’s death.  Then we walked through the Pallais Royale and gardens, where Ben drenched himself playing in the fountain, and we watched–secretly jealous.  Next we strolled down the Champ-Elysees to the Arc de Triomphe.  There we climbed the impressive arc’s, 270 stairs to the top, where we gazed over the city while the sun set.  We stayed at the top of the arc until the Eiffel tower’s lights turned on.  What a beautiful ending to a memorable day! 

Eiffel tower lit up

Well of course when we returned to the youth hostel Mom and Dad had to pull my stitches out with tweezers and dull scissors, but I won’t go into that.  Anyway tomorrow we go to Versailles and tour the palace, its hall of mirrors, and beautiful gardens.  I LOVE Europe!


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