A palace and burgers, Tuesday 6/28

Today we went to Versailles.  Mom and Dad let us sleep in this morning to recover from the long day before.  We ate breakfast at the hostel, and jumped on the train to get to the beautiful city.  That was the first time we got on the suburban train, and we happened to get on the wrong one, which was interesting.  Mom was trying to figure out if we were on the right trian and  finally realized that we needed to get off at a station.  The doors were about to close so everybody ran down the stairs of the train to clamber out of the doors, and I ended up getting stuck in the doors.  I couldn’t use my arms, of course, to push the doors away from me, and the system is not like America’s, where you can put your leg out and it stops.  It just kept closing,  so my leg was stuck in the door, and Mom and Dad used their super power strength to pry the doors apart and shove me through it.  That was a bit more excitement than we were expecting. We certainly entertained the onlooking Germans! 

We arrived in Versailles and walked toward the palace. As we approached the beautiful golden gates to stand in line to enter the building, we ate some sandwiches and finally entered the palace.  It was beautiful!  The high ceilings were painted with different murals.  There were gold decorations everywhere–incredible!  As we walked through the palace we listened to an audio tour. We got to hear about the history of the palace and the kings that lived there, and why certain decorations were in certain places.  That was really cool because I personally have never enjoyed history very much, but this tour made the history come alive and exciting. I learned a lot in an exciting way which made me appreciate history a lot more.  In the middle of the palace, we entered the Hall of Mirrors.  It is just breath-taking!  There are many chandeliers lining a big hallway.  One side of the hallway is lined in arches of mirrors, and the other side is lined in arched windows looking out on to the gardens of the palace.  The mirrors reflect light throughout the entire room–very beautiful.  Once we finished touring the palace, we walked out toward the gardens. The gardens happened to be closed because of a special event, so we walked into town for supper. We hunted all over the place in the rain for a creperie, but we couldn’t find one, so we just grabbed some burgers and ate there.  It was kind of a taste of America in France–kind of weird, but dinner.  Then, we grabbed some delicious pastries and brought them back to the hostel.  That made the meal definitely worth it.  Those pastries were wonderful. What a great ending to a beautiful day!


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