An inspired trip to Giverny

Thanks to the legendary Mrs. Barber of Cedarcliff High School, we visited Giverny today.  We would not have known about it if it wasn’t for Mrs. Barber.  She was Ella’s teacher for Composition, Creative Epressions, and other classes.  Truly inspired her.  Mrs. Barber, you need to know that when you educate a child, you educate her whole family.  Ella’s constantly correcting our grammar, which is helpful but sometimes annoying.  The garden is a beautiful place.  It took about an hour train ride to get there.  There, we got to tour the famous gardens that Monet used to paint his paintings.  He actually created the gardens, and then he created his paintings.  We viewed his home and his studio.  He had eight children, and was a fascinating fellow.  It was particularly interesting after going to the Orsay museum yesterday because  we got to see his original works, and then we found out the place that he created them.  After a our walk through the gardens, we found an incredible pizzeria that was nestled down into a little valley that was next to the same stream that runs through Monet’s gardens.  Just our family was there, and a very friendly French (friendly French is a oximoron) couple.  They were delightful, and they made these incredible pizzas for us.  We just had a wonderful, wonderful day!

The pond in Monet's garden


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