Paris In General—Sarah’s version

First we started our trip to Paris by taking a night train.  The night train was a good experience.  It was actually pretty nice.  Although I can sleep anywhere.  It was a little bit bumpy at some points, but it was pretty good.  I was very glad there were railings because I think I would have fallen out if there weren’t.  Well in France we saw multiple things.  We saw the Notre Dame Cathedral which was very big, and that is where Ella got her nick name Quasimodo.  Because she limped with the road rash on her knee and looked quite funny.  Then we went to the latin quarters and ate crepes.  Then we went to Sainte Chapelle it was quite beautiful, there was a lot of stained glass.  It was not too big, and had tons of detail.  Then we went to the Louvre, it was a museum, and quite nice.  Some of the statues were good but I wish more of  them were dressed

Then we went to the Eiffel tower, there were quite a few steps 1,360.  The view was incredible, and my Mom had to close her eyes going up the elevator because she got scared.  It was really high.  Then we went to the Arc de Triomphe, and that had 550 steps.  We sat there and looked out at night and watched the Eiffel tower light up.  It was very gorgeous!  Then we went to Basilique du Sacre-Coeur which was on Montmartre.  That was a really big Catholic church, and we got to go through it when they were having mass.  It was really cool to see all the people in there and hear all the singing and stuff.  It was really amazing, but outside there was this really cool guy doing all these soccer tricks on this square piece of something that was up high, with a hill down below him.  He was standing on it with a soccer ball on his head.  He was doing really cool stuff, like a gymnastics and climbed up a telephone pole while balancing a soccer ball on his head.  That was pretty much what we did as far as sites. 

The food it was really good.  Great pastries, crepes, and my parents like the coffee, but I thought it was too strong.  Then for the travelling, there was the metro that we took most of the time.  It is kind of like a subway, and they smell really bad, and they are cramped.  There are tons of people in them.  We have quite a few stories from that.  A couple of them are; we all got crammed on to this metro, tons of people and this guy behind me with this really big stomach was squished up against me which was disgusting.  My Dad was trying to stand between me and the guy was trying to suck in his stomach and it just wasn’t good for anybody.  Then another one was; Mom wasn’t sure we were on the right Metro so she asked these people if we were on the right one.  They said sorry you are not, but we need to get off too so we will show you where to go.  They probably thought Mom was the only one, but she said,” kids!” and all four of us come bounding off with my Dad.  The doors were shutting, and I like grabbed Benjamin and half carry him, half drag him out of the doors of the metro.  Then Ella tries to squeeze between this tiny space and the pole, and the shutting doors and she gets her leg stuck and she is yelling, “I’m stuck, I’m stuck, I’m stuck!”  Then my Mom is standing there pushing the doors apart with her elbows and her hands saying, “go, go, go!”  We are making a huge scene, everybody is looking at us, it was quite embarrassing!  That is an experience we will never forget.  Well that pretty much takes up all of France.  I’m not sure if I liked it very much.  It was very touristy.  I think once in my life is good enough for me.


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