Regrouping in Kolblenz, Friday 7/1

Took the train back to Kolblenz.  It was a very expensive train ride for a number of reasons.  We had to get up at 4 in the morning and be at the train station at 6.  Kind of a rough road, but we got back to Kolblenz, and it felt like home again in some ways.  Made our way to Jarmusch home.  I pulled out the bikes and I immediately started putting things together to convert Ben’s little childs tandem into a tandem that Ella and I can ride together.   I bought the parts that I needed to do that in Berlin.  Spent a good part of the day cranking away making that work.  I took Sarah on a ride on it first to give myself some peace of mind.  Then I took Andrea for a ride on it to give her some peace of mind.  And finally I took Ella for a ride, and it seemed to work out pretty well.  She felt comfortable.  I removed the toe clips which would give both her and myself, a little more security to know that we could put our feet down readily.  It is going to be interesting.  Benjamin will be riding what used to be Ella’s bike.  Thanks to the 20″ wheels and the hack saw that I used to cut the steering stem down.  I bought some brake levels for him to use in Berlin as well.  We tried it out actually before we left and he loved it.  Just having a blast on it.  He got a little excited, got a little close to a curb, and crashed, but came up smiling.  Later on he made a classic quotable quote when I was telling Andrea about it.  He said, “I already fell once, but I landed it!  Ella didn’t land it.  You should always land it.”  So that has been a real funny for us.  Anyway he is going to be on that bike loaded with 2 panniers, Anna Grace will have 4 panniers, which she used to have only 2 in the rear.  Then of course I’m going to have Ella, which I’m going to have to ride as if I were riding with fine china.  It is going to be an interesting experience tomorrow as we take off and ride along the Mosel.  Fortunately the Mosel has a bike path right next to it along the river.  It is relatively flat and traffic free.  It is going to be an anxious day tomorrow.


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