With Trepidation, Saturday 7/2

It was 20 degrees celsius (rather cool) and we ate a late lunch of brats mit pommes (with fries) at a lovely cafe in the most charming little town we’ve seen yet (Winnegan, Germany).  Today was a beautiful ride along the Mosel, yet it was full of trepidation and prayer.  It has been 22 days since we left America and 17 days since Ella’s surgery for a fractured right elbow and left wrist.  Today we picked up where we left off 17 days ago, on the Mosel going south out of Kolblenz.  I am thankful to be out of the big cities and in the lovely German countryside covered with tidy vineyards.  Every 5 to 6 kilometers we pedal through a picturesque town filled with flowers and quiet sidewalk cafes, yet the pit in my stomach remains as I question our sanity.  Ella and Jay cannot fall– it is not an option as she cannot catch herself .  Anna and Ben are novices, riding loaded singles for the first time.  The ride is primarily bike path, but the path at one point today was approximately 2 and a half feet wide, with a sheer rocky cliff to the Mosel river to the left, and a rock wall directly on our right, the foundation to the train line above.  So I pedal constantly praying for safety and wisdom to know if we should bail.  We are all 6 in our tent tonight for the first time.  Dinner was apples, classic thick hunks of baguette bread, and slices of the best Gouda cheese you will ever have.  We do have much to be thankful for yet the pit in my belly remains.


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