Ella didn’t land it, and neither did I (Anna), Sunday 7/3

We woke up and it was very windy out.  The wind almost blew over the tents.  All three of us: Sarah, Ella and I scrambled out of the tent as fast as we could. We got a really late start, but we finally got on the road and biked to this really cute town.  It was probably 1:00 when we ate lunch.  We ate chicken and bratwurst.  Then Mom said we were going to tour through the Burg Eltz castle.  She said we needed to hurry because the last tour ended in 2 hours, so we rushed over there. The hike they said was 45 minutes, only took us 30.  We were fine.  Then we took a really cool tour around the castle.  We hiked down the mountain and started biking to Treis-Karden.  When we were going down the hill I had an accident.  My pedals were spinning really fast because we were going down the hill, and when I went to go shift my gears, I missed, hit the curb, and flew off my bike. I lost a good hunk of skin out of my right knee, and my left arm hurt really bad.  Some really nice older people came rushing over with first aid kit.  A guy who spoke some English, Helmut Israel, came over.  He was really, really nice.  Since I couldn’t bike to Treis-Karden, he drove Ella, Ben, Mom, and me to the campground while Sarah and Dad biked.  The campground was full, and the hospital was not open, so he drove us the rest of the way to Cochem.  The doctors at the hospital there said my knee was fine but needed time to heal, and they were going to take an x-ray of my arm to see if it was broken.  It really hurt when they did the x-ray, but I was fine after a while.  Sure enough, they said I broke my left arm (radius bone).  Now, I have a bright yellow cast on my arm and a bright pink bandage on my knee.  Mom picked my arm color, Dad picked my knee color.  I’ll have the cast on for 4 weeks.  Mr. Helmut drove us back to the campsite.  Everyone was gone because it was dinner time, but after a while they brought us back pizza, and it was really good.  What an exhausting evening.


4 responses to “Ella didn’t land it, and neither did I (Anna), Sunday 7/3

  1. Hey Friends,

    The only word to describe your crew is “troopers”. Wow! It will be good to get a first hand report when you come home. Take care.

    Ron and Becky

  2. I imagine every Mom’s heart that is following this blog is with Andrea! Your family’s “can do” attitude even with these accidents is truly inspirational. I’m placing my order now for the first 10 copies of your book!

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