Wrong turn on the way to Trier, Friday 7/8

Cycling the Mosel has been fun but challenging.  This morning we had difficulty because of our lack of German reading skills.  We thought the schedule announced a boat leaving today to Trier that the girls would be able to take.  That boat actually runs only on Thursdays, and today is Friday. After a rather stressful morning looking for alternatives, the girls figured out a way to get to Trier by bus. Sarah, Benjamin and I pedaled.  Pedaling the Mosel sounds quite easy and often is.  The trail is pretty flat and sometimes meanders into the vineyards.  Most often the path is within eyeshot of the Mosel River.  We had a little bit of a diversion today.  Unfortunately, the markings on the bike trail don’t mark the intersections until directly at the intersection.  There is no forewarning.  While biking, we either have to stop to look or make our best guess.  Today I guessed wrong, and we ended up taking a wrong trail.  After about 20 minutes without a view of the river, we turned around but couldn’t find anyone who spoke English for directions.  We added about 20 extra miles to our originally 35 mile day, so we ended up coming into Trier pretty exhausted.

Ben, Jay, Andrea, Sarah, Anna, and Ella in front of the Porta Nigra, Trier, Germany

Cycling here is interesting.  Many elderly folks cycle on heavy, tank-like bikes. Today I realized why they ride such hefty bikes.  They are actually E bikes with little electric motors in the hubs.  Pretty slick!  I had to move one of them once to get my bike out of storage, and it was heavier than my loaded bike.  It has a nice little battery pack on the rear rack and a small internal motor for the rear wheel.  Elderly guys and gals do pretty big miles with the help of these little electric motors. The motor is nice and quiet, and the cyclists look as if they are having a great time pedaling along the Mosel with these assisted bicycles. 

Also, while biking here, we run into quite a bit of traffic.  The Mosel is a bit like Mackinaw Island.  Biking here sounds like a breeze but is actually a bit frightening at times. Big groups of under-experienced cyclists taking advantage of the wine tastings make biking along the path interesting.  Nevertheless, the view of the Mosel River is always beautiful.


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