Two duffels and no bikes, Monday 7/11

Andrea and I like to play little games when we buy groceries, pastries, or tickets.  We learn how to say the numbers and take sideways glances at the cash register tally, trying our best to pretend we are natives to the areas.  Today I think I met a cashier who likes to play the game in the opposite direction.  I was buying my groceries and the cashier glanced at me and in very clear English said, “Do you realize that is a Cherry Coke you are buying, not a regular Coke?”  I was definitely foiled. Perhaps the bright purple, peace-sign adorned day pack that I borrowed from Anna to haul the groceries tipped her off.

We are at Ryan Zeiset’s house in Frankfurt to reorganize and get ready for the balance of our trip.  I spent the day packing up the bicycles, and it still amazes me how those bikes pack into suitcases. All the bikes are packed, and all the extra duffels are organized.  We are heading to Florence, Italy tomorrow with just two duffel bags and no bicycles.  Our light load is going to make train travel much, much easier.


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