700 year old “melon”, Sunday 7/17

This is a continuation of our visit in Siena.  There aren’t a lot of museums and so forth here.  We did go to the Duomo.  One of the most interesting things we did is we went to Saint Catherine’s Cathedral.  We happened to be staying in what was probably a convent for that place.  We were right next door to it.  Saint Catherine is the patron saint of Siena.  One of her greatest contributions is that she convinced the Pope to move from France back to Rome.  So she is highly revered here.  There is Saint Catherine stuff all over the place.  When we went to the Cathedral we visited her particular little chapel.  In that chapel they have her right thumb and her head encased in glass behind the altar.  It is pretty creepy!  So just a note to self don’t be canonized in Siena.


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