Benjamin’s “funny” contribution

This story keeps amusing me as I remember it.  After Anna’s wreck, Sarah, Benjamin and I continued pedalling.  I didn’t reconfigure the tandem again.  Initally it had Benjamin in the front, but I switched it up so Ella could ride in the back.  I didn’t have the parts anymore to rearrange it so I left it the way it was.  So now Benjamin sits behind me.

The background on this “funny” is; before we left we downloaded on an I-touch the movie “Cool Runnings”.  Which is Disney’s rendition of the story of the Jamaican bob sled team.  While Ella was in the hospital, Ben and Anna would watch that movie in our tent over and over again.  To the point where they practically had it memorized.  In the beginning there is a scene with two ladies in a market, and they are standing there talking as one of the bob sled team members runs past them.  One lady says to the other, in a good Jamaican accent, “I could watch that backside all day”.  So when Ben climbs on the back of my tandem for the first time he pipes up (in his best Jamaican accent) “I could watch that backside all day”.


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